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Do you want immediate results? If so, you should be devoting your time and money towards marketing strategies that are defined as aggressive


Starting a P&C agency has its challenges and lack of income from lack of sales is certainly at the top of the list. Activity is the key to overcoming this obstacle but achieving it takes a mixture of devotion, grit and consistency.


Agents must get to work right away by deploying tactics that drive immediate results. This is why you should realize you need to be the lion rather than the sheep right out of the gates. 


When building your marketing strategy for a startup agency you should be dedicating at least 75% of your efforts on things that are aggressive. Such as; 


  • Buying leads and cold calling

  • Gathering data(Contact Info) that you notice around you

  • Asking for referrals from family and friends

  • Visiting businesses 

  • Attending events 

  • Joining Groups such as your local BNI and Chamber of Commerce

  • Direct messaging on LinkedIn


These are the activities that get results. Anything less than this is just hoping the phone will ring and that’s not going to cut the mustard. 


Here is what a daily routine will look like if you’re really putting in the effort. 



  • 8am-10am / Cold Calling - Buy internet leads or warm transfer leads. Be active in the morning before people have been bombarded by other solicitors. 

  • 10am-12pm / Visit Businesses - Stop by businesses that you have a common interest in. It helps when you can connect with the owner on things you are already knowledgeable or passionate about. 

  • 12pm-1pm / Gather DataGather phone numbers from contractor's trucks in the Home Depot parking lot while you eat lunch. Call them and offer to meet them because you saw their truck in the parking lot. 

  • 1pm-2pm / Cold Calling - Hit those leads again. Trying them at different times of the day will help you understand what time is most effective. 

  • 2pm-pm / Attend Groups - Attend a local BNI group meeting or some other function that you joined. 

  • 3pm-5pm / Drop off gifts - Go to loan offices or captive agent offices and ask for referrals. Captive agents struggle to write some types of risks that independent agents can place. Ask them to collaborate

  • 5pm-6pm / Asking for referral - Just because its 5pm doesn't mean the work day is done. Start calling family and friends and ask them for names and numbers and then start reaching out to those people. 


Quoting can be done at night when you're at home with your family. Spend your time during business hours gathering leads. Business owners don’t work an eight hour day, they work until the work is done. Get up the next day, wash, rinse and repeat. You can mix up the activities to test what times of the day are better for each of them and refine your efforts. Keep this activity up for at least 6 months and you'll get the results you're looking for.

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