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The Right Alliance Partner
Helps You Thrive

We have been helping captive agents make the transition to independence for over a decade. The Pacific Crest Services opportunity provides you with all the tools and resources you need to build a successful insurance practice.

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Why Join Pacific Crest Services?

Join the Pacific Crest Services Alliance and instantly amplify the products and services you can provide to your clients. For over a decade, we've empowered captive insurance agents like you to enjoy the freedom of owning your own isurance agency. Whether leaving Farmers® Insurance, State Farm®, or Allstate® Insurance benefit from 100% book ownership, 300+ carrier appointments, highest commissions, profit sharing, bonuses, advanced training, custom business plans, marketing strategies, back-office support, and access to cutting-edge agency systems. We are operating in 34 states and expanding—we are a proven path to build your thriving independent insurance agency with us!

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Industry Leading Compensation

Experience industry-leading compensation and shared success at Pacific Crest Services. Our approach to compensation, including profit-sharing, sets new standards for success. Join us at the pinnacle of industry excellence, where your achievements become a catalyst for collective triumph. Choose Pacific Crest Services for a journey where your financial goals become a reality with higher commissions and generous rewards.​

  • Highest Commissions Available in an Alliance 

  • Enhanced Compensation from Carriers

  • Profit Sharing More Frequently and at Higher Levels


Dedicated Team of Backend Support

At Pacific Crest Services, we streamline your insurance operations with services that include policy downloads, commission reconciliation, carrier audits and compliance, data analytics, and licensing management. Trust us to handle these intricacies, freeing you to focus on core business activities and ensuring effortless success. Join us in simplifying your insurance journey and experience unparalleled efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

  • Policy Downloads

  • Reconcile Commissions

  • Carrier Audits and Compliance

  • Compile the Data and Analytics

  • Manage Licensing and Registrations 


Access to the Best Carriers Available

Pacific Crest Services propels your agency's success by connecting you with 200+ carriers, 40+ MGA markets, and premier preferred carriers. Instantly access top Insurtech companies for quick quoting and binding, streamlining your operations. Spend less time quoting and more on selling with our extensive network at the forefront of the insurance industry's future.

  • Direct Binding Authority

  • Work Directly with Underwriters and Reps

  • Extensive Carrier Selection 

  • Enterprise & A-La-Carte Carrier Access Available


Turn-Key Agency Management Tools

Unlock your agency's potential with Pacific Crest Services' Turn-Key Tools, including Hawksoft for streamlined policy management and enhanced client engagement. Revolutionize quoting with EZLynx Comparative Rater, on desktop and mobile, offering multi-carrier integration for instant, accurate quotes. Join us in embracing the future of insurance quoting with EZLynx. Membership features Training and Support for your success.

  • Hawksoft Client Management System

  • EZLynx Comparative Rater Software

  • Microsoft Power BI Business Analytics Software

  • Zoho Workplaces Business Office Tools

Our Technology

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Agency Management System

Unlock the full potential of your insurance agency with Hawksoft—a comprehensive platform streamlining policy management, automation, client portals, and insightful reporting. At Pacific Crest Services, we understand the importance of leveraging advanced tools in the competitive insurance landscape. That's why we proudly include Hawksoft for all our Enterprise Agents, having witnessed firsthand the benefits of streamlined processes, efficient policy management, and improved client engagement. Join us in harnessing the power of Hawksoft to elevate your agency's capabilities, optimize operations, and deliver unparalleled service to your clients.

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Comparative Rater Software

Step into a new era of efficient insurance quoting with EZLynx Comparative Rater, our state-of-the-art online platform reshaping the landscape for agents. Streamline operations and elevate client satisfaction through features like multi-carrier integration, providing instant and accurate quotes. At Pacific Crest Services, we utilize EZLynx Comparative Rater on both desktop and mobile app versions, delivering unparalleled service to our Agents. Understanding the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we proudly optimize our quoting processes with EZLynx. Our firsthand experience has resulted in increased efficiency, improved client interactions, and a streamlined workflow. Join us in embracing the future of insurance quoting with EZLynx.

Pacific Crest Services Our Technology - EZLynx.jpg

Power BI

Data and Analytics Software

Unlock a new dimension of data-driven decision-making with Microsoft Power BI, a potent business intelligence tool empowering insurance agents to gain valuable insights and drive strategic outcomes. Pacific Crest Services understands the significance of leveraging advanced tools to stay competitive in the insurance industry. That's why we're excited to announce that Microsoft Power BI is included with your Enterprise membership, providing a comprehensive solution to elevate your analytical capabilities. Visualize your data like never before, make strategic decisions with confidence, and join Pacific Crest Services to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Power BI. Experience a new era of informed decision-making, propelling your insurance agency to greater heights.

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Freedom of Choice!
More Carriers, More Earnings

Transform your career as a Captive Insurance Agent by embracing the independence and freedom that come with our tailored services designed to support independent agents. Gain entry to a vast network of over 250+ carriers, secure direct appointments, and experience the efficiency of streamlined Insurtech solutions. Our platform, featuring Excess & Surplus options, is specifically crafted to assist agents transitioning into independence.

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