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More Than Just Tools

Are You Getting More Than Just a Hammer and a Few Nails From Your Aggregator Relationship?

There was a time when it made sense to join an aggregator or a cluster group for the sole purpose of getting carrier appointments. In today’s world, carrier appointments are nothing but basic tools that we use to help build a successful insurance practice. Don’t get us wrong, they’re essential, but carrier appointments are not the solution to your struggles. Yet, most aggregators are not addressing the real issues that cause agents to fail…the lack of a solid foundation and a blueprint to follow every step of the way. What would you do if a contractor handed you a hammer and a few nails to build a house, charged you thousands of dollars, and then told you, BEST OF LUCK? Odds are, without help, you would fail.

Think about it! If you want to build a house, you are faced with the dilemma of building it yourself or hiring a contractor to build it with you. Building your independent agency is exactly the same. You have the same decision to make. Do you build it on your own, or do you hire an aggregator to build it with you? In the insurance world, the basic tools we use to build our businesses are carrier appointments and technology. These items are essential, and every agency must have them, but they should come at a fair price. For instance, a typical hardware store hammer would likely cost you between $10-$50 depending on where you buy it. However, it doesn’t matter how much you pay; the hammer is still just a hammer. All it can do is pound a few nails. So why should carrier appointments cost you thousands of dollars? Shouldn’t your aggregator educate you on how to use your tools, coach you through your building process, help you design your solid foundation, and provide you with a path to a structurally sound and thriving future? As we see it at Pacific Crest Services, building your insurance practice is no different than building a house. There is so much more involved than just purchasing a hammer and a few nails. An aggregator should help you build your business from the ground up with a strong foundation and give you "A proven path to guide and grow your insurance practice."

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