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There has never been a better time
to go independent

We reached out to you because your background and your tenure with Farmers is perfect for starting an independent agency with the help of Pacific Crest Services. It looks like you’ve had your agency for less than 5 years which means the income you’re likely making will be easy to replace with the right partnership. Look at the chart below as an example. 

Agency Growth Comparison

As you can see we anticipate it will take 17 Months for you to rebuild your agency. Your premium may be 

less than what you have today but your annual commissions will be the same with the right carrier mix. Independent carriers pay as high as 17% to Pacific Crest Services agents. More commissions per sale makes it easier to replace what you have today. 

Would you like to Visit?

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More Options =

  • Higher Closing Percentage

  • Faster Growth

  • Better Retention 

  • More Potential

Did you know

62% of property and casualty insurance is written by independent agents and they write 88% of all the commercial business.
The independent insurance industry is full of opportunity.

2 major factors that can help you grow at a faster pace than you did with Farmers. 


  1. Higher Closing Percentage - Pacific Crest Services agents average 40%-50% closing rates. That is 3-4x the amount of most Farmers agents. 

  2. Commercial Lines - Pacific Crest Services agents are encouraged to write commercial risks and given the carriers to be competitive. Commercial lines have higher premiums thus increasing the rate of your agency’s growth. 


Why write more commercial lines?


More premium per client means less service when your agency is at scale and commercial risks are more complex, thus it requires you to be involved in the sales process. Look at the examples below to compare the differences between agencies that have commercial or personal lines focus. The commercial lines agency is more efficient and profitable. 

Commercial Focused Agency


Key Features

  • Commercial Mix 70%

  • Agency Age 5 Years

  • Agency Size $6,741,115

  • Total Clients 693

  • Employees 2

  • Gross Annual Commissions $870K+

  • Estimated Net Income $700K+

  • Gross Profit Margin 80%+

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 9.08.50 AM.png

Personal Lines Focused Agency


Key Features

  • Commercial Mix 2%

  • Agency Age 11 Years

  • Agency Size $7,826,228

  • Total Clients 3,349

  • Employees 10 

  • Gross Annual Commissions $900K+

  • Estimated Net Income $300K+

  • Gross Profit Margin 33%+

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 9.19.46 AM.png

Agents that left Farmers and joined Pacific Crest Services

What matters most are the results


Mark Bigham

Farmers 8 years

Independent Since 2010


Mark was captive with Farmers for 7 years before making the decision to go independent in 2010 with the help of Pacific Crest Services. Like many Farmers agents he worried about his non-compete and where he would get new clients. Shortly after starting his new agency he realized there was not enough time in the day to write all of the new business he was finding to write. As an independent agent his closing percentage was much higher than before and he was spending his time growing and doing the work that generates income which has now led to his success. His agency has scaled to almost $7mm over the last decade. That is 3 times larger than he had grown his Farmers agency in almost the same amount of time.

Mark is a great example of the progress that Farmers agents make with the help of Pacific Crest Services. As you can see his agency is $6,805,797 in premium, has a mix of 32% commercial lines and is 47% cross sold. His agency is now 13 years old and is still growing.  


Randy Calderon

Farmers 9 years

Independent Since 2022


Randy started out in his fathers Farmers agency years ago. They did very well in their community but eventually they started to struggle as rate hikes, appetite changes and commission cuts came down the pipe. He left his fathers agency to go independent with the help of Pacific Crest Services in early 2022. He has managed to grow at a very respectful pace and now has a book of business over $1mm in premium in just over one year. 

Randy is off to a great start and another great example of the potential that working with Pacific Crest Services offers. The data shows that he has a lot of opportunity to continue to grow at a rapid pace by writing new business and cross selling his current clients. Not to mention he hasn't even tapped into his commercial market yet. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 4.02.07 PM.png

What people have to say about us


The support and knowledge from the relationship we have with Pacific Crest Services has helped my office to become successful in a very short period of time. I can't imagine a better fit!

Paula Henderson

Steve Becker.png

The first month with Pacific Crest Services I was closing 80% of my quotes. It was mind-blowing how much business I was writing.

Steve Becker


I never thought it was possible to write more than 90% of the clients I quoted  but with Pacific Crest Services help I've been able to achieve those kind of numbers. They offer way more support than any of the other company that I researched .

Lillian Trevino

I joined Pacific Crest about 3 years ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made. If you're looking for a true partner that will help you grow your business, this would be an awesome company to partner with.

Michel Hambrick

Marcus Flesher

Alliance Development Director

Pacific Crest Services



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