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Pacific Crest Services offers a comprehensive solution to help experienced property and casualty insurance agents build their own independent insurance agency. 


We invite you to learn more about our opportunity if you are an industry professional that has at least 2 years of experience writing home and auto insurance and you are prepared to tackle the challenges of starting your own agency. 

Are you ready to start your own agency?

If you feel that you are prepared to start your own agency please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a consultation. 

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

Financial Stability

Have you set aside savings or do you have working capital in the form of a small business loan or line of credit? Starting a business takes a financial commitment. The amount depends on your specific needs. It will take at least 3 months before you can expect any income from your new agency.

Time Commitment 

Are you prepared to spend all of your time and effort on this new business? That is what it will take to make it succeed. Part time jobs and side hustles are distractions that will slow your growth and most likely hinder your ability to succeed. 

Office Space

Most national carriers will require that you have a professional office space outside of the home. A lot of agents start out in an executive suite just large enough to have a desk to reduce operating costs. It is not necessary to have a large office or a retail location.

Lead Generation

You should already have a network that is ready to send you leads before you start. A good number of quotes to shoot for is at least 100 per month.  


You should already know the basics of writing home and auto insurance before you start your own business. We can advance your knowledge by training you on complex products such as commercial and life insurance but you should be ready to hit the ground running on day one. We recommend at least 2 years of active writing prior to starting your own agency. 


Why Pacific Crest Services

I started Pacific Crest Services because I have an affinity for building things that work. You might call it my addiction. 

There were too many restrictions in the captive channel so I chose to go independent in 2002. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of work to make it happen. I learned a lot of valuable lessons during that journey and realized that most agents were experiencing the same thing as me. So I set out to create a comprehensive platform that would eliminate the pain that I encountered for other agents. Thus the inception of Pacific Crest Services in 2008.  For the right people who are prepared for the challenges of starting their own business, we can make it easier. 

Shawn Webb

Principal & Founder

Pacific Crest Services


What we do in a nutshell

Carrier Appointments

Pacific Crest Services has over 300 carrier appointments. We provide agents with the carriers that suit their needs. Each agent is vetted on their own personal merits to qualify for appointments.


Every agent is provided with a turnkey technology bundle to quote, bind and service their clients.

Training & Development

Initial training is focuses on the technology bundle that we provide our agents. Further development is provided to those agents that wish to learn more about complex products such as commercial, life or even investment products. 

Fair Commission Splits

Pacific Crest Services provides agents with more earning potential by allowing them to participate in higher levels of commissions earned through the aggregation of premium by the group. 

Back Office Support

All the minutia is handled by us. We do the policy download and reconcile the commissions for you while doing the compliance and organizing the data and analytics at the same time. You focus on selling and servicing your clients.



The support and knowledge from the relationship we have with Pacific Crest Services has helped my office to become successful in a very short period of time. I can't imagine a better fit!

Paula Henderson

Steve Becker.png

The first month with Pacific Crest Services I was closing 80% of my quotes. It was mind-blowing how much business I was writing.

Steve Becker


I never thought it was possible to write more than 90% of the clients I quoted  but with Pacific Crest Services help I've been able to achieve those kind of numbers. They offer way more support than any of the other companies I researched.

Lillian Trevino


Pacific Crest is the best choice I could have made for an ally as an independent agent. I started Mid 2020 and I've gotten nothing but support from the PC staff to get to the 2020 goal I had set for my agency.

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