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The Death of the Personal Line Agents

What does the future look like for personal lines agents? The point of this

article is to make you think about the stability of the personal lines market place. There is no argument that it is becoming more and more commoditized every day. As an aggregator, we have the privilege to listen to the struggles of thousands of agents seeking help. While every agent is unique to some degree, their stories often sound very similar in regards to their struggles. It’s fair to say that at the very least, 75% or more of the agents that call us are focusing their efforts on personal lines. In most cases, the agents are suffering from the loss of clients due to rate increases. Their clients are jumping ship in search of a cheaper option. At first glance, it may seem that the answer to the problem is to find an opportunity to offer cheaper products. It only makes sense, right? Wrong!

Everyone knows the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This rule applies to everyone and everything, so why wouldn’t it apply here? Unfortunately, most agents will not see the signs indicating that their future is bleak if they continue down the personal lines rabbit hole.

Don’t get us wrong! There will always be a need for agents to sell personal lines, but their focus should be shifting according to the trending behavior of carriers. Since the dawn of time, carriers have changed their rates up and down along with their appetites. This vicious cycle will never end and should cause you concern. That’s why we have been training agents to become more specialized in commercial lines. This strategy has given our agents a much easier path to follow with a much more profitable future. They no longer spend countless hours of their day quoting personal lines for a client that will likely never appreciate their advice. Instead, they direct their efforts towards business owners who respect and understand the importance of proper coverage and trusted guidance. These same clients eventually turn into personal lines customers too. This obviously helps you retain their business.

The bottom line is simple. Don’t let the trending behavior of the personal lines market be the death of you. Change your focus to commercial and niche markets to secure your future as an insurance professional. Want to learn more about how to start an independent insurance agency? Visit our site at www.pacificcrestservices.com or contact us at 888-938-4197.

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